[ FAT ] Day Four - Dress Code

Day Four.  Definitely the most exciting of the days, as they usually save the most eccentric designers for the end.  The turn out is also the biggest because it's the closing show, so that usually calls for a pretty big party!  I just love working with Make Up For Ever products.  Over the past few years they have really re-branded themselves and come out with some amazing new products (personal faves: HD foundation and Aqua Black eyeliner....yum!)  I finally got some light at my station which made the touch ups a whole lot easier, and I think drew in more people in general.  My good friend Jenn tagged along for the evening and we had a blast!

I'll leave you with a few photos:

The makeup area of backstage

Cutest Jacquie..aka my former boss all dressed up for the Royal Wedding! Ha ha, love you!

Miss lovely "model"/sidekick.

Some bright lights on the products! I love colour.

Showing off my skills...hah.

Evening entertainment doing a sound check.


[ FAT ] Day Three - Fashion/Unfashion

Day Three.  Due to unforseen circumstances I had to miss Day Three of the show, but I'm back for Day Four and plan to take plenty of photos to make up for it! :)


[ FAT ] Day Two - Natural Currencies

Day Two.  Again a lot of rain, and zero lighting (really praying for some for Day Three).  Ate that piece of pizza backstage that I told myself I wouldn't, whoops (after all, what's the point of going to bootcamp if you're going to sit all day at your office and then wolf down pizza? hah). The runway models had such a pretty look for Day 2.  It was this bronzey/gold/glittery highlighted eye/face that was just gorgeous!  It kind of made me wish I was doing makeup backstage, because I don't think any of the guests in the media lounge would let me cover them in glitter.  But I guess you never know.  Included are just a few shots before the room got crowded!

 I love this magazine.

This is where the musical entertainment would perform between runway shows.

Actually the most comforable chairs!

After 1 day, we need a vaccum.

Instagram makeup station!

A few guests in the media lounge.


[ FAT ] Day One - Fashion Narratives

If you missed it earlier, I'm doing makeup in the media lounge for Toronto's Alternative Fashion Week each night of the event.  I'm not even going to bother posting any photos from Day One.  My lighting was horrible (try doing makeup in the almost dark....yeah, not fun...or pretty), the ceiling was leaking due to the rain storm, and I generally felt like a bag of dirt (getting caught in the rain en route to the location, again, is not fun....or pretty).  On a positive note, I saw my old makeup friends working backstage, a friend I went to college with who had a racy collection in the show, and talked to some interesting characters.  I also enjoyed  the live music.  More exciting things to report for Day Two....I swear.


week update via iPhone - a day late v.6

Half of these photos are in my Easter post, but whatever!

(Top to bottom, left to right):
-Yummy lavender nailpolish
-My sister Becks and my sweet mama!
-Delicious Good Friday dinner
-Becks and I again....
-....And again.
-Park date with Lauren
-Trying to convince myself I only need ONE of the dresses (I got the blue)
-Iced lattes on a warm day
-Wearing makeup, for once as of lately!

happy easter monday!

a little food prep!

Toronto Island airport-great view!

beautiful sister

the feast


Saturday's dinner was hosted by my dear friend Elizabeth and fiance Aaron.  Not your typical Easter dinner but it was the most delicious homemade lasagna!  How cute is Elizabeth in her modern kitchen with the cutest vintage accessories?!  She's a great little wifey already! ;)


[ FAT ] 2011 - Toronto's Alternative Fashion Week

I'm so thrilled to be teaming up with Make Up For Ever and doing makeup for FAT (Fashion.Art.Toronto) next week!  This is my 3rd year running doing this event with Make Up For Ever, and the last 2 years have been amazing! In 2009 I worked as a body painting artist, and last year I was doing makeup touch ups in the media lounge, which I will be doing again next week.  If you live in or around Toronto I highly recommend you check it out.  There is always lots of people, live music, and something amazing and bizarre happening amongst the runway.  Also, if you haven't used any Make Up For Ever need to get down to Sephora ASAP.  Here are some photos from the past 2 years of the lounge, backstage, and my models:



week update via iPhone [ USA edition ] v.5

I actually didn't do very many exciting things this week (I blame bootcamp 2 nights a week throwing a serious curve ball into my social life, ha ha), so half of these photos are actually from the weekend-my 24 hour road trip with a couple friends to NY state.  I love being so close to the  border because this means, Target, IHOP, and everything else great and American that us northerners can't get "up" here.

(Top to bottom, left to right):

- Hour long wait at the border...not fun, but I guess not bad for a Saturday afternoon
- The most deliciously dangerous food court food at work
- Somewhere in southern Ontario coming home....what a blur
- 2 of my favourite ladies
- Yummy veg stir fry....I always make a lot and save the extras for sides or salad toppings
- Bizarre artwork in my work's lobby
- Friday night cupcake making
- Pretty string lights
- Spring flats I scored at Target....too bad its still too cold to wear them :(


stitch n' bitch v.4 [ monster tutorial ]

Happy Wednesday! I love the mid week feeling.  Here's a little tutorial on my latest stitch n' bitch project...

Okay so I use the term "tutorial" loosely, because when I had orginally taken these photos, they were just with my camera phone and I didn't take them with a tutorial in mind (so they won't be very detailed!), but there was a comment left asking about the monster so I thought I could start incorporating some tutorials in my "stich n' bitch" section. 

What I used:
(*I used only scrap you can definitely improv here to meet what you've got around the house)

-white cotton
-scraps of felt
-embroidery thread
-sewing machine
-standard stuffing

What to do:

-cut out 2 identical pieces your monster's body in whatever shape you want! (I find it helpful to leave some extra room around the ears and feet so there is enough room to stuff them later after they're sewn)
-cut out your felt pieces for the eyes, mouth, body, etc.  and pin them to the FRONT layer of the body (*I hand sewed the teeth and the blacks of the eyes to because I find it easier to get in there with a needle rather than a sewing machine)
-sew on your "parts" to the front piece of the body
-flip the front and back pieces of the body so that your "parts" are facing inside and secure it with pins
-sew around the entire exterior of the body leaving a small gap for stuffing
-flip the sewn body to be right side out and looking normal again
-fill with stuffing
-hand sew the small opening that was left for the stuffing, and VOILA!  keep for yourself, or give to a monster loving friend (such as below)

*After reading this over I realized I'm not the greatest at giving written instructions with minimal photos, so please let me know if you have any questions!  Also, if you attempt to create one, leave a link! I'd love to see.



week update via iPhone v.4

(Top to bottom, left to right):

-Little monster pillow I whipped up for my friend's surprise birthday dinner
-Midweek wine and snacks to cheer up someone in need :)
-Pub dinners
-Target reuseable tote bags
-View from my sister's balcony at night
-Funny bus stop ad
-My beautiful niece Scarlett celebrating her 3rd birthday!
-Prettiest mama to be, Adriane
-Commute home from work


stich n' bitch v.3

Happy Saturday!  I meant to post these earlier in the week, but here are a few crafty items I made for my "nephew" aka Baby D, who is one of my best friend Adriane's soon to be baby boy! I can't believe where the time is gone and that he is going to be here next month (or even this month with the way he's growing!).  Her shower was last weekend, which was so much fun, lots of people and lots of yummy food!

This would be the quilt that was hinted here.  It was my very first attempt at anything like this.  Im so happy with how it turned out and Adriane and Billy loved it.  I can't wait to see photos of their little guy snuggled into it :)

Here are the 2 onesies I created.  I just bought some plain white onesies at Walmart, and sewed on my own felt pictures.  My favourite is definitely the tux....he will be such a little gentleman!


week update via iPhone v.3

(Top to bottom, left to right):

-Jenn's sweet kitty, Jackets
-The Big Chill ice cream shop
-Bus rides
-Toronto Blue Jays home opener (thanks Vic!)
-Cutest little outfit for my almost born non-biological nephew ;)
-Indian veggie pizza......tastes as interesting as it sounds!
-The pile of presents at Adriane and Billy's baby shower....So spoiled!
-View from the box from said baseball game
-Shot from Queen Street on a rather foggy night