stich n' bitch v.3

Happy Saturday!  I meant to post these earlier in the week, but here are a few crafty items I made for my "nephew" aka Baby D, who is one of my best friend Adriane's soon to be baby boy! I can't believe where the time is gone and that he is going to be here next month (or even this month with the way he's growing!).  Her shower was last weekend, which was so much fun, lots of people and lots of yummy food!

This would be the quilt that was hinted here.  It was my very first attempt at anything like this.  Im so happy with how it turned out and Adriane and Billy loved it.  I can't wait to see photos of their little guy snuggled into it :)

Here are the 2 onesies I created.  I just bought some plain white onesies at Walmart, and sewed on my own felt pictures.  My favourite is definitely the tux....he will be such a little gentleman!


  1. well done! i'm sure she'll get lots of people asking where she got the adorable onesies. xoxo

  2. The quilt has officially been packed up in my hospital bag to wrap around our little guy on his way home!!! It's SO beautiful, thank you again Rach!!! <3