stitch n' bitch v.1

A new tradition was started a few weeks ago when a couple of lady friends and I started getting together on Wednesdays for a weekly "stitch and bitch".  Generally consisting of more bitching and less stitching and of course your craft of choice, this has been a good excuse for the girls to be creative at least once a week (try for every day if you can), and a good excuse to see each other.  Since then we have added chick flicks and Fireball whiskey to the mix (okay, that was only one time). 

Tonight was a rather "quiet" stitch n' bitch, because if anyone living within a 100KM radius of Toronto will probably know why it isn't exactly on the top of your priority list to leave the house.  Whatever this rain/slush/heavy snow fall business is, I'm getting pretty bored of it. Time for spring please!  Unfortunately, I can only show a small glimpse of my project this week, as it is a gift (ahem, Adriane), and the shower is not for a few weeks.  But cute colours right?

Until next week....


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  1. What a fabulous idea -- I think I may try to organize my own *stitch n' bitch* -- ♥ it!