back to reality

I've been a little MIA lately, but sometimes I need real life breaks.  Here's what I've been up to (via iPhone):

Escaping to New York City. <3

Making the most delicious meat-veggie lasagna

Meeting and falling in love with my dear friend Adriane's new son Ben, aka my newest little nephew :)

Watching my friends slay fires in cottage country

Reuniting with friends over cold beverages

Busting out spring time lip colour (MAC Laquer in "Veneer")

Enjoying homemade turkey burgers in the sun

Painting my toes gold (aka disco toes) 

Listening to music that makes my heart wrench


spring fever

May is one of my favourite months of the year....mainly because of the Cherry Blossoms!  Last night I took a stroll with Joanna through High Park in Toronto to get some photos.  I think everyone had the same idea as me because it was packed....which kind of ruined the vibe for me, but I got some pretty pictures anyway...


I love you mom!

 I hope everyone had a lovely mother's day, most specifically the special moms in my life!  My amazing friend Adriane, who JUST became a mama on Friday (what a great gift), my sisters who are mamas, my step mama, and of course my very own mom!  I spent the weekend escaping from Toronto to visit my mom up north and relax.  I would say like most families, we celebrate with food, so here would be the brunch I made for us.  Pumpkin french toast, bacon bowls (yes you heard that right) filled with scrambled egg, oven roasted hashbrowns, and fresh fruit.  I'm pretty sure we were in a food coma for the rest of the day but it was sooo worth it.


week update via iPhone v.8

Kind of a slow week, hense lack of posting. Sorry.

(Top to bottom, left to right):
-Yummy ground turkey spaghetti sauce
-The Chloe pup makes an appearance
-GO Transit
-Chloe again! What a lucky girl.
-Union Station
-Gearing up for my vacation :D
-View from the office
-Relaxing morning
-Pretty evening on Harbord Street

week update via iPhone v.7

(Top to bottom, left to right):

-Playing with a smokey eye!
-Delicious lunch I eat almost daily
-Collection of gorgeous colours
-Dressed to Kill magazine
-Media Lounge @ 99 Sudbury
-Makeup station!
-Christina and I at Wonderland!
-Mexican party
-Red Icee...the best "flavour"

sunny theme parks

Saturday my dear friend Christina and I ventured to Canada's Wonderland...yes we're 25 years old and yes we enjoy rollercoasters and playing midway games. I haven't seen Christina since December because for the majority of the year she lives in London.  We actually didn't go on that many rides, but mainly just walked around talking, catching up, and soaking in the amazing weather we were blessed with for the day!  The park is still closed, but open on weekends for corporate days (which made for less crowds and small lineups!)....a little perk of working in the office life!