sunny theme parks

Saturday my dear friend Christina and I ventured to Canada's Wonderland...yes we're 25 years old and yes we enjoy rollercoasters and playing midway games. I haven't seen Christina since December because for the majority of the year she lives in London.  We actually didn't go on that many rides, but mainly just walked around talking, catching up, and soaking in the amazing weather we were blessed with for the day!  The park is still closed, but open on weekends for corporate days (which made for less crowds and small lineups!)....a little perk of working in the office life!


  1. ooooh wonderland is so much fun!!
    glad you had such a GORGEOUS day for it :)

  2. Yikes is the last pic from the Behemoth? That ride makes me cry!

  3. Haha it sure is Karen! Sat right at the front....and may have cried a little myself!