spring fever

May is one of my favourite months of the year....mainly because of the Cherry Blossoms!  Last night I took a stroll with Joanna through High Park in Toronto to get some photos.  I think everyone had the same idea as me because it was packed....which kind of ruined the vibe for me, but I got some pretty pictures anyway...


  1. Lovely photos. Hope the blossoms are still there this weekend!

  2. beautiful pictures....

  3. This is amazing!! Such gorgeous trees. And those strawberries look like the perfect way to appreciate the trees.

  4. how sad is it that i live 4 minutes from high park and haven't yet gone and seen the flowering trees... and, i am a friggin florist,... what is wrong with me?!!! anyways, it looks like you ladies had a good time. i will make time this long weekend, (even though i work the whole thing)to get there!

  5. Just now seeing you've moved - and am following again! Love the layout and these photos are gorgeous!

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

    PS I will be hosting a Creativity Guest Post Mini Series beginning June 1st - please come check it out! It'll cover everything from art to writing to sewing to DIY to etsy-ing!

    Ladaisi Blog

  6. Lovely Pics! I'm now following you :)


  7. cute denim jacket, i'm still on the hunt for the perfect one!