week update via iPhone [ USA edition ] v.5

I actually didn't do very many exciting things this week (I blame bootcamp 2 nights a week throwing a serious curve ball into my social life, ha ha), so half of these photos are actually from the weekend-my 24 hour road trip with a couple friends to NY state.  I love being so close to the  border because this means, Target, IHOP, and everything else great and American that us northerners can't get "up" here.

(Top to bottom, left to right):

- Hour long wait at the border...not fun, but I guess not bad for a Saturday afternoon
- The most deliciously dangerous food court food at work
- Somewhere in southern Ontario coming home....what a blur
- 2 of my favourite ladies
- Yummy veg stir fry....I always make a lot and save the extras for sides or salad toppings
- Bizarre artwork in my work's lobby
- Friday night cupcake making
- Pretty string lights
- Spring flats I scored at Target....too bad its still too cold to wear them :(

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