stitch n' bitch v.4 [ monster tutorial ]

Happy Wednesday! I love the mid week feeling.  Here's a little tutorial on my latest stitch n' bitch project...

Okay so I use the term "tutorial" loosely, because when I had orginally taken these photos, they were just with my camera phone and I didn't take them with a tutorial in mind (so they won't be very detailed!), but there was a comment left asking about the monster so I thought I could start incorporating some tutorials in my "stich n' bitch" section. 

What I used:
(*I used only scrap you can definitely improv here to meet what you've got around the house)

-white cotton
-scraps of felt
-embroidery thread
-sewing machine
-standard stuffing

What to do:

-cut out 2 identical pieces your monster's body in whatever shape you want! (I find it helpful to leave some extra room around the ears and feet so there is enough room to stuff them later after they're sewn)
-cut out your felt pieces for the eyes, mouth, body, etc.  and pin them to the FRONT layer of the body (*I hand sewed the teeth and the blacks of the eyes to because I find it easier to get in there with a needle rather than a sewing machine)
-sew on your "parts" to the front piece of the body
-flip the front and back pieces of the body so that your "parts" are facing inside and secure it with pins
-sew around the entire exterior of the body leaving a small gap for stuffing
-flip the sewn body to be right side out and looking normal again
-fill with stuffing
-hand sew the small opening that was left for the stuffing, and VOILA!  keep for yourself, or give to a monster loving friend (such as below)

*After reading this over I realized I'm not the greatest at giving written instructions with minimal photos, so please let me know if you have any questions!  Also, if you attempt to create one, leave a link! I'd love to see.



  1. What a cute monster :) The "stitched" heart is my favorite part :)

  2. this is awesome! what a wonderful gift to add to my 'ugly doll' collection... *hint, hint!* =)

    p.s. i am in love with your new title header. incredible.


  3. It's sooo cute!I might try to do one soon.I'll let you know how that went!