[ FAT ] Day One - Fashion Narratives

If you missed it earlier, I'm doing makeup in the media lounge for Toronto's Alternative Fashion Week each night of the event.  I'm not even going to bother posting any photos from Day One.  My lighting was horrible (try doing makeup in the almost dark....yeah, not fun...or pretty), the ceiling was leaking due to the rain storm, and I generally felt like a bag of dirt (getting caught in the rain en route to the location, again, is not fun....or pretty).  On a positive note, I saw my old makeup friends working backstage, a friend I went to college with who had a racy collection in the show, and talked to some interesting characters.  I also enjoyed  the live music.  More exciting things to report for Day Two....I swear.


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  2. it all sounds really exciting {minus the rainy part}. looking forward to hearing more!