[ FAT ] Day Two - Natural Currencies

Day Two.  Again a lot of rain, and zero lighting (really praying for some for Day Three).  Ate that piece of pizza backstage that I told myself I wouldn't, whoops (after all, what's the point of going to bootcamp if you're going to sit all day at your office and then wolf down pizza? hah). The runway models had such a pretty look for Day 2.  It was this bronzey/gold/glittery highlighted eye/face that was just gorgeous!  It kind of made me wish I was doing makeup backstage, because I don't think any of the guests in the media lounge would let me cover them in glitter.  But I guess you never know.  Included are just a few shots before the room got crowded!

 I love this magazine.

This is where the musical entertainment would perform between runway shows.

Actually the most comforable chairs!

After 1 day, we need a vaccum.

Instagram makeup station!

A few guests in the media lounge.


  1. i hope the lighting gets better so you can post post some pics!


  2. Gosh you look like you are having such fun, wish I was there. ♥

    The Cat Hag