dad dates.

Nothing better than starting off summer than a yummy dinner at your local eatery and seeing some talented musicians at a great venue with your sweet pops! I love dad dates.

My sister and I got grilled chicken sandwiches with caramelized onion, brie, and roasted red peppers, and Dad got the homemade Roxton burger.  Beverages consisted of a spicy caesar, Mill Street Lemon Tea Beer, and the Roxton's local beer, Roxton Red. YUM.

We saw Sondre Lerche with opener Kishi Bashi. Love.

(photos via iPhone)


  1. awww... the roxton is awesome! i wish my pops was in t.o to have a dad date!!!

  2. i used to have the best dates with my dad. we would go for terrible chinese food and then to comedy movies that he would inevitably misquote afterwords. good times!