easy tortilla bowls!

I meant to post this earlier, as I had made this meal for my 2 friends who got engaged at the end of last year.  It was my first time attempting these "bowls", which I took inspiration from Fresh Mexican Grill, a little burrito stand near my office that makes these bowls and are SO delicious.  Here's what I did....and I recommend you try it!

-two onions, one white, one red
-one zucchini
-one red pepper
-2 chili peppers
-3 avocados
-shredded cheddar/mozerella (or your fave cheese)
-sour cream
-canned tomotos
-canned sweet corn
-canned "mixed beans"
-canned black beans
-meat or "filling" of choice (I used lean ground beef)
-large tortillas

-combine meat, canned tomatos, and white onion and fry them together until meat is cooked
-cut up zucchini, red onion, and red pepper and roast them in the oven
-combine sweet corn, mixed beans, and black beans with a bit of chopped up cilantro
-mix avocado, cilantro, and chopped chili peppers for your own delicious guacamole
-drape tortillas over an upside down oven-proof container (I used little alluminum cake pans) and bake at 350 F for about 6 minutes  (make sure you keep an eye on them!).  they will form to the shape of the pan as they bake.  let them cool for a bit after you take them out and they will be ready to fill! mmmm.....

note: this made a lot of food for just 4 of us.......yay leftovers!!!

...and here's the cute last minute engagement card I made them with some leftover lace!



  1. That looks amazing. I must try it! And leftovers are the best!!
    ~Ariel at

  2. my mouth is watering! this is a definite 'must try'. xoxo

  3. YUM! Sounds and looks so good. Adorable card too! xoxo

  4. That looks delish! Never thought to put zucchini but will try it out.